St Leonard's Forest, West Sussex: A Landscape History by Maggie Weir-Wilson

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St Leonard's Forest, West Sussex: A Landscape History

St Leonard's Forest, West Sussex: A Landscape History Maggie Weir-Wilson

Published January 11th 2021

ISBN : 9781838343613


Have you ever wondered about St. Leonard's Forest as you pass it by on your bicycle, in your car, or on the bus; maybe you have walked its footpaths, with or without a dog? Was it a royal forest? Who owned it? And what about the dragon? Wasn't there something about a saint and the white and pink spring flowers, lily of the valley? Wonder no more. This book tells it all: the iron and the rabbits, the estates with their parks and gardens, the villages, churches and people, not forgetting of course, the dragon.This is the first in depth study of St. Leonard's Forest and it is clear from reading this thoroughly researched and engaging book that Maggie has a deep interest in and love of the Sussex landscape, particularly its forests. This volume covers the period from approximately the mid-18th century to the beginning of the 20th century. To make sense of the Forest's development, this volume is set in its earlier historical and geographical context. Follow the Forest's journey from the early days of hunting, iron and charcoal production, stone quarries, rabbit warrens and poor heathland, through to the transformation to high value properties with attractive gardens and parks. Five estates in the centre of the forest are considered, and inevitably St. Leonard's dragon has his story told, along with other forest legends and myths.Ultimately, there is encouragement to get to know the forest by the footpaths that were so nearly closed at the beginning of the 20th century, and to give thanks to those locals who fought to keep those footpaths open and who won the day. To walk through the forest and appreciate the history, the legends, and get that restorative feeling that can only come from the sight and smell of pine, beech, oak and birch.When she came to live in Horsham in the year 2000, Maggie was keen to know more about this lovely forest on her doorstep, so she began taking evening classes at the University of Sussex for a BA in Landscape Studies. When she retired from her work as a Probation Officer and Practice Teacher she continued studying for her doctorate under the supervision of Professor Brian Short, and produced her thesis on the historic landscape changes of St. Leonard's Forest. Maggie has always been keen to make her research more widely available to its residents, historians and those who love forests, hence she wrote this book.

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